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Papers I've given or published on statistics education

"Don't Just Teach Exploratory Techniques: Use Them" " presented at the Beyond the Formula Statistics Conference in Rochester, NY, August 2001.

"Planning a Statistical Literacy Program at the College Level: Musings and a Bibliography" presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, August 2004.

"Advice to Mathematics Teachers on Evaluating Introductory Statistics Textbooks"

This is a chapter from the volume Teaching Statistics: Resources for Undergraduate Instructors, edited by Thomas Moore and published in the MAA Notes series by the Mathematical Association of America in 2000. I highly recommend the entire collection. You can buy a copy at the MAA website.

Making an Unbiased Estimate of the Standard Deviation of a Population That Is Distributed Normally

Other Resources

Using the R software in an introductory statistics course. (Should I? and How?)

Sortware help for an intro. stats. course consisting of worked examples using Minitab, Data Desk and variants of R to carry out most of the procedures in a year-long intro. stats. course. (The R resources are a fuller version of those linked above.) Also useful for anyone who wants a large nubmer of examples of computer output to use with students.

TI graphing calculator resources with an emphasis on statistics and on older or odder calculators. The place to go if one of your students has a TI model you are not familiar with! Most of the instructional resources are from William Larson. I started hosting them after they were repeatedly orphaned on the Internet.

Examples for teaching paired vs. independent samples. (New version improved by Rachel Braun in a Word doc file.)

Answers for above examples for teaching paired vs. independent samples.

Using Minitab to analyze paired or independent sample data.

Using transformations on a single variable.