Software Resources for R

Below is a list of resource pages for using R to do statistics. On each page a set of data are explored with the software. Some commentary is given on interpretation but the main focus is on getting the software to do the work. What the numbers mean should come from your prior statistical training or the course you are currently taking. Each page listed below has a title you can click on to read the page. Beneath the title is a list of topics covered on that page.

Getting Started

Summarizing Quantitative Data

Summarizing a Single Categorical Variable

Making and Interpreting Tables for Two Categorical Variables

Inference for One Proportion

Inference for Two Proportions

Chi-Squared Tests

Inference for a Single Mean

Inference for Two Means (Independent Samples)

Inference for Paired Differences

Scatterplots and Correlation

Transformations in R

Simple Linear Regression

Regression with Two Independent Variables

One-way Analysis of Variance

Two-way Analysis of Variance