Software Help

The links below lead to example pages for many of the analyses that arise in introductory statistics courses. Click on your software of choice. (The selection consists of packages I have used myself. All are qualtiy products but there are other qualtiy products as well.)

MINITAB (for Windows)

is an easy to use general statistical and graphical analysis package that has been the default teaching package in colleges for decades. More recently, it has become the leading quality control package for industry. . A free 30 day trial version of this software is available. To download the 30 day trial version of Minitab click here and carefully follow the on screen instructions. There is also a student edition as well as myriad rental and license options. For more information about MINITAB, visit the MINITAB website:

Data Desk (for Mac and Windows)

is a user friendly statistical package with special facilities for exploration and visualization. Check the Data Desk web site for trial copies and more information about Data Desk.

R (and the S family for Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac))

is a free implementation of the S programming language for statistics. It does everything. To obtain a free copy or to receive more information about R visit the R Project website: R uses a command-line interface. R Commander is a free graphical user interface for R and can also be obtained from the R Project website. It does basic statistics. To obtain a free copy or to receive more information about R Commander visit the R Commander website. S-PLUS is (was?) a commercial implementation of S with a graphical user interface. At this time we offer only enough examples to get you started using R Commander or S-PLUS. You can use either of these GUIs to get a gentle introduction to the S language.