Using R for Intro. Stats.

Robert W. Hayden

This page serves as an Table of Contents for "handouts" on using R that I prepared for an online introductory statistics class. They have been edited slightly to remove things wholly peculiar to my course. The text I use is Stats.: Modeling the World (2nd ed.) by Bock, Velleman and De Veaux. Many of the data sets used below come from this book or the accompanying ActivStats CD. Where needed, links to the data set files are provided. While textbooks vary in order of topics, the pages below should be used in the order listed as later pages assume R skills from earlier pages. An exception is the scatterplots and correlation page which can be used after the introductory page.

This introduction illustrates simple graphical displays for a single variable along with a logarithmic transformation of the data.

Inference for a single proportion.

Inference for a single mean.

Working with data tables.

Inference for two proportions

Inference for two means (independent samples)

Inference for two means (paired data)

Scatterplots and correlation


Simple linear regression


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